SB19 livestream set to thrill audiences on their upcoming global livestream.

November 21st 2020, 6:00 am GMT

Available in:

All countries excluding China, Indonesia,

Filipino-Pop stars SB19 are lined up to perform live from Manila November 21 and are set to thrill their audience who have steadily been growing internationally throughout 2020.

The popular boy band from the Philippines are the first P-Pop band to be managed by a Korean K-Pop management and entertainment company.

The boys are all-around performers who can sing, write their own songs, and dance, creating their own choreography.

The ‘SB’ in SB19 stands for ‘sound break’ referring to them breaking into the Filipino music market, and the ’19’ is the mathematical difference between the two IDD area codes: Korea (82) and the Philippines (63).

The boys have been gaining recognition online for their amazing dance and vocal skills, garnering popularity by the day.